A shoutbox is like a chat window you can include on your own website, blog or forum. It lets all visitors leave messages to you and each other, helping you to get valuable feedback and build relationships with your audience in a fun way!



Adding a YellBox to your site can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Log in and customize with your own colors and styles.
  3. Copy and paste a line of code into your page.

Basic features

  • Compatibility - Works with all web browsers.
  • No technical knowledge needed - Just include the snippet of code in your page.
  • Customize - Easily change the size, colors and fonts through the control panel.
  • Emojis - Give your site personality.
  • International - All languages supported! Even the squiggly ones.
  • Ban IP addresses - Stop problem users from posting.
  • Swear filter - Customizable word list to stop users swearing if you choose.
  • Anti-Spam - Flood control and options to stop people posting links.
  • Auto-Link - Turns web addresses into clickable links.
  • Ad supported - Service is supported by adverts (see upgrade).

These standard features come with our free shoutbox, which will remain free for as long as you want to use it.

Upgraded YellBox

We also offer a more fully fleshed upgraded shoutbox which can store more messages, allows for moderators, has no advertising, includes higher security and fun features like avatars, extra smileys and many more things.

  • Auto Refresh - Box refreshes for all visitors when a message is posted.
  • 35 Extra Emojis - Even more colorful smileys.
  • Added Storage - Upgraded YellBox can store 10 times as many messages.
  • Moderators - Give trusted users the power to moderate messages.
  • No ads - Upgraded box is not supported by adverts.
  • CAPTCHA - Protect your shoutbox from spam robots.
  • Approval - Option to approve messages before they are allowed to appear.
  • Reserved Names - Stop people using names of your choice.
  • Header & Footer - Specify text or HTML to appear above and below message area.
  • Removed Link - No links to YellBox.com are required.
  • CSS file - Use a CSS file for complete control of your box's style.
  • Insta-ban - Options to instantly ban & delete swearing or spam.
  • Sound - Optional chime sound when someone has posted a new message.
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